Steel Casting certifications

Steel casting certifications

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Gamarra’s Steel Casting Certifications: Guarantee of reproducibility and reliability for our customers 

Gamarra is a European manufacturer of steel casting products. We have a long history of supplying quality foundry products that exceed worldwide standards. Furthermore, we are a one-stop-shop for casting solutions; covering all the manufacturing process. From design, patterns and casting to machining and welding. As a leading company, we compete daily with the best in the business, as it is our main motivation to keep improving and investing in innovation and quality through sustainable solutions. We audit our products and processes through neutral authorities at regular intervals according to the strictest guidelines. Hence, when you use our steel, you can be confident it is 100% compliant with the applicable and relevant standards. For that reason, we have obtained many steel casting certifications through our trajectory.

Moreover, we promote a culture of continuous innovation creating processes that consistently improve quality, safety, and efficiency in our four molding lines. Those are green sand casting, chemical sand casting, lost wax/investment casting and lost foam casting.

Bellow, follow some examples of our certificates. Remember: our certificates ensure the top quality standards of our products, processes and technology.


ISO 9001 TÜV Rheinland

Our Quality Management System meets the requirements of ISO 9001. In addition, it is an international standard concerned with process, product quality, consistency and traceability

The aim of ISO 9001 is to check that a number of quality requirements are met. These provides confidence that Gamarra consistently supplies steel casting products that meet customer requirements and satisfy regulations. The requirements involve numerous aspects.

For instance, Gamarra’s  top  management  commitment to  quality,  customer  focus, adequacy  resources,  employee  competence,  process  management  (for  production, foundry, machining, assembly, service delivery and relevant administrative and support processes), quality planning, steel casting product design, review of incoming orders, purchasing monitoring, measurement of processes and foundry products, calibration of measuring equipment, processes to resolve customer  complaints,  corrective/preventive  actions,  continual  improvement  of  the Quality Management System and monitoring of customer perceptions about the provided quality. 

What is ISO certificate for?

ISO  standards  spread  knowledge  and  propagate  innovative  advances  in technology. Furthermore, ISO 9001 provides long-term economic added value because. It helps create improvements and innovations with requisite holism. In 2020, as part of the efficiency and quality requirements of ISO 9001, Gamarra has invested heavily in advanced factory automation. For example, machining robots and top-notch welding machines to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. Gamarra’s team is focused in optimizing production workflows and part designs.


HPQ Deutsche Bahn AG: Herstellerbezogene Produktqualifizierung

The Manufacturer-Related Product Qualification (abbreviated in German to HPQ) is demanded under railway engineering rules and regulations. These are issued by the UIC, the rail authorities and other bodies as part of DB AG’s policy on quality.

In addition, an HPQ qualifies Gamarra for several specified processes and for the making of certain products that have already been defined by means of standards, drawings or other technical documents of DB AG. The aim of a Manufacturer-Related Product Qualification is to ensure that only manufacturers (directly or indirectly) supply products to DB AG who are in a position to guarantee DB AG’s exacting requirements for safety, reliability and process capability.


Q1 Deutsche Bahn AG: Einstufung als Q1-Lieferant der DB AG

Q1 is DB AG’s highest rating. Gamarra classifies as a Q1 supplier to DB AG. This means that we meet all delivery requirements to supply steel castings from our four molding lines (green sand casting, chemical sand casting, lost wax/investment casting and lost foam casting). Therefore, to obtain this certificate DB AG made an audit at Gamarra’s facilities and the auditors approved and certified the high-quality standard and processes, and they rated Gamarra’s quality capabilities as Q1. 


Deutsche Bahn AG, Approval certificate of competence to supply Brake Block Holder to the railway industry

Gamarra has certified the maximum quality-assurance measures and requirements to be applied and substantiated to our clients throughout the supply chain during the procurement of rail vehicles and their components. This includes the supply of brake block holders. Moreover, if a contract or order contains supplementary requirements, Gamarra has the experience and know-how to meet all requirements.


CL1 according to EN 15085-2” DVS ZERT: Welding of railway vehicles

We are a one-stop-shop provider covering from design and casting to machining and finishing (i.e. assembly of products). For that reason, Gamarra is a certified supplier of welding steel casting products for railway vehicles and components according to EN 15085-2 as CL1. Our strong team of welders have proven capabilities to supply top-notch steel foundry products welded. Welding in railway vehicle manufacturing is an important process regarding to safety in public transport. In this case, the EN 15085-2 is an established element of quality assurance. 


In sum, we hope we have helped to deepen your knowledge about our company with the explanation of the previous steel casting certifications. At Gamarra, out aim is to be a 100% transparent and to inform you about all of the aspects of our activity, because we care about you.

Next Steps

We encourage you to contact us for further information regarding our integral casting solutions, or request a quote for pricing details. At Gamarra, we assure quality, service, on time delivery and competitive price.

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Steel casting certifications
Steel Casting certifications

Gamarra’s Steel Casting Certifications: Guarantee of reproducibility and reliability for our customers  Gamarra is a European manufacturer of steel casting products. We have a long

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